Sunday, August 28, 2011

Green Day

A long long time ago, in a year called 1987, Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt formed a band called sweet children. Billie Joe had grown up the youngest of seven children. his father died when he was very young. He and Dirnt met in 5th grade. when Dirnt was 15, he moved out of his parents house due to disagreements and moved in with Billie. in later years, Tre cool,  joined the band as the new drummer. the band changed their name to green day because of their fondness of marijuana. The bands first real big hit was a song called basket case. It was a catchy 3 chord song , as most of green days songs are. personally, it is one of my favorites. it combines sarcasm with wit and a kick ass beat.  after their album dookie, the band had accumulated a big fan base of punk rockers and heavy metal fans. But from their album Nimrod, came a whole new fan base. A softer fan base. The 'Good Riddance" fan base, as i like to call it. Thats right, the song good riddance was released on the album nimrod. it instantly became a hit for graduations, goodbyes, and even the final episode of sienfeild. billie once commented saying that some of the fans might not even know it was green day singing the song. after that whirl wind of success, came the political outcry that was American idiot. the song was a post 9/11 aftermath of rage and meaning. But what i like about it is that it is not a bunch of empty finger-pointing and stupidity. it has smart intellectual views of society. the album was so good, they made it into a musical.  the musical includes songs from both american idiot and  21st century break down. it is about 3 men trying to find their place in this world. the other album, 21st century breakdown is the most recent hit album of green day. The most recent album is called Awesome as F*ck. It is a live album featuring their biggest hits. overall, green day is one of the best bands ever to me, and are still going strong. i cant wait to see whats next for them.

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